The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Things need to get done...

I'm totally unmotivated, but what else is new? I'm not at all looking forward to doing these chemestry questions at all, though I do need to get them done. It's just that me and dedium do not get along very well and that is what these questions are going to please keep me in your thoughts and all that good stuff.

On a lighter note, tomorrow is my performance, yea!!! I am so extrememely excited about this. I have one more rehearsal tonight, though I doubt it will be behind equipment like it was yesterday. We did it inside the house, so I really don't know how much different it will be outside tomorrow. Probably not much, but who knows. It will probably carry better, and may not sound as loud.

Now here we go for the good part. I have asked him about recording the performance and he says that he can put it on a mini disk and turn it into MP3 format. I will be glad to hand out copies of said performance to anyone who would like them. I already know of one person who would like it, but if there are others comment please. Tell me whether you would like a copy posted to your snail mail address or if you would like it over the internet. If the internet is the case I will be using a site called yousendit to post the performance since it may be too big for e-mail. I will be making a list of the people who want it and the method they want it in. For those of you who have more than one e-mail address, give me the one you check most often, please.

I woke up in serious pain again...and have been in pain off and on all day. What's weird is the weather seems to be OK, the rain isn't supposed to hit until Wednesday. Granted, it hasn't been the worse pain I have been in, but pain right before the performance is not sitting all that wel with me. I will probably end up wearing my black sandals or something a little more comfortable since I am going to be on my feet for fifteen minutes or so for the performance. I just haite pain, I really do.

Math test on Thursday all, wish me luck, and the quiz for Anthropology has been postponed until Monday...yea!!! now if only I could get motivated to do these questions...we will be good.

The Phoenix
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