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This sucks...

I'm not all that sure what's going on right now, but my friend who is an hour and a half outside of Seattle has lost her cell phone. I tried with and without voice command on the cell and the message about a Verizon number being either disconnected or out of service comes up. I hope she's OK as she is one of the friends I would like to seriously. She is my age and has two small children and is married. This is the first time I haven't been able to get a hold of her and it seriously worries me. I wouldn't be so worried if I had skype and could get a hold of someone else who knows her to find out what's going on. She and I have spoken of abilities, belief systems and she has been one of the more supportive ones who has been telling me to go for my abilities, yet to be careful. She has given me suggestions on protection and has been a sympathetic ear when I've needed to verbally vent. I'll call her Wiyan from now on. Wiyan hasn't been online for the past two or three weeks and since I am not checking group e-mails I don't know whether she's posted in "The Garden" or not. She is native American and one of the few I know that are from that group of people whom I have somewhat regular contact with. This worries me even more than it did when Barn Owl was gone for an extended length of time because this one I have sort of actually gotten to know a bit better. I know the names of her children, I sort of know where she lives and she's shared some rather personal things with me. She says that I have a friend for life in her and to lose that lose that would seriously make me cry. She's a lovely spirit, she truly is. I just hope she's OK.

The Phoenix
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