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Hello readers,

I am being a bad girl today....but I am in waaay too much pain o go anywhere today. It rained here like nothing else last night and I got soaked to the skin.

But before I go into that adventure, my paper is done and turned in...wooot!! What's even better is I managed to put it on to page six a little which mad me ecstatic as she said five full pages.. So now that that is out of the way I can concentrate on other things...such as my performance next week. I hope I can get a hold of him as he is out of town and that's why we haven't had any rehearsals for the past few days or so. We were supposed to have one earlier this week, but he cancelled due to tiredness. Which is understandable considering he has to drive out here. I'm still loving his seriously!! Now on to the adventure...

However, I may have a chance to get into the choir class that my school has, but we shall see. He wants to hear me sing after the rehearsal the week after next. However, while I was there, I was able to see Chad again, the violinist who I sang with some...oh...four or five months back. He was practicing with the choir director on piano and someone else on chello. I stayed for the rest of the choir rehearsal and that....and it was absolutely awesome!! I was extremely happy to sit and just listen...a night of awesome music, no matter how many times they had to stop and fix mistakes. I keep forgetting how much I love violin music....mmmmm!!!

After that we went to Baldies and got food...and that's when it started raining like nothing else. weepingangel was with me and we had taken her car to the rehearsal so I could talk to the choir director. We took it over to one of her friend's place so that she could dry off as we had gotten drenched just from running from Baldies to the car. It didn't start raining until we were in Baldies. We stayed there, at her friends place, for a bit and then I had her friend take me back to my place to drop me off so I could change. I then stayed there and was on the phone for a bit before hitting the bed...and waking up in pain. I am going home again this weekend and have a lot of things to pick up in here befor the mother comes down here and sees the room in it's state of ordered chaos. I really don't think she understands tht that's the way I like it...but oh well. I'm not exactly a messy person, persay, but my room does tend to reflect a care freeness that suites me well. Until later all.

The Phoenix
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