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me again

Right yalls,

It's lil ol' me again just being bored. I'm sitting here wondering why in the hell I'm soooo daaaamn tired!!! LOL It's been off and on all week. Part of it is, again, not a good sleep. Woke up twice again onece to fix my very untidy plankets. LOL
Then seven thirty wake up for class and....yea! That's when I got to talk to my good friend from Indina School for the Blind. Good long convo...five or ten minutes? Nice! Anyway Class afterwords then lunch MSN convo and nap. Then more research and question writing for the interview tomorrow. I was actually lucky enough, for those interested, to get an interview with a head priestess of a coven!! How fun!! Like I mentioned before, this should yield some very interesting information. I think this rese3arch paper and the one on the Florida panther are the two most exciting things in my life right now. LOL Oh...nope this concert is too. I can't wait to go!!! Unlike other concerts, though. I didn't do the countdown on MSN. LOL Too many people on my list get annoyed at that sort of thing. Anyway I guess I'd better stop, because class is about to become my top priority. I know it doesn't start till three thirty, but ride's comin' at three and I need to get some shoes on.

Anyway I guess I'll writ again later. Probably tonight if I'm as bored as I am now.

The Phoenix
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