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grhrhrhrhrowl!!! Outlook is seriously angering me!!

I can recieve e-mails, but for some reason I can't send them out. It stores them in the outbox, but does not send them out. Last night when I tried using outlook express instead it said something about the server terminating the connection unexpectedly. This is not cool as i have to send this paper to mom, and I still can't because the problem is still going on this morning. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with outlook or outlook express, if that's even where the problem lies. I wish I knew why this started happening all of a sudden. I know it's not the attachment size because I tried sending a test message to her and it didn't even send that., anyone?

On a lighter note, mmy friend Enya from Virginia was onli ne last night and I nearly screamed outloud....woooot!!! I hadn't heard from that one in ages, and to tell you the truth I had been thinking about e-mailing her for about a week now to let her know I was still around. Enya, by the way, is a friend of mine who I have known for several years, but have never met in person. She was the first one I really ever considered a seriously. She is a joy to talk to and is soooo multitalented. She is also a college student who goes to UVA. She drieves there however, so it takes a lot out of here during the week. I haden't heard from her in ages and was beginning to wonder if I would ever hear again from here...when who should pop on right in the middle of problems with outlook....wooooot!!! I was so extremely excited that I stayed on for about ahalf an hour or more just speaking with her...what a joy!!!

OK now that that's done, I suppose I should start getting ready. Paper is due today and I still need to do some little things like make sure the underline worked, although that may take sighted assistance. Have a wonderful one all, and hugs.

The Phoenix
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