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I almost forgot that I had a rehearsal last night until Jeff called me and reminded me. Since the performance is in two weeks or so, the rehearsals are picking up and I'm thoroughly enjoying the ride...weeeee!!!

We worked on "Big Yellow Taxi" for the first time and I like it!!! For the first time through, I did really well and I even got comments out of him. So now we've worked on all three tunes and I'm trying to figure out what order I should put them in. I have two ideas, however, I don't know which one to pick...idea one
Love of my life
Sound of silence
big yellow taxi
idea number two
love of my life
big yellow taxi
sound of silence

I don't think love of my life in the middle would work, though if someone thinks it does, go ahead and tell me. :d

Mom again told me not to let the singing interfere with my studys...and I said I wouldn't. I may skyp the University Environment Club meeting for the simple fact that I have apaper that needs to get done and I'd like to have most of it done by tonight so I can send it to my proofer. Mom, of course. I'm going to have to seriously sit down and work as I told her I was a little bit further along than I actually am. I just hope I have he energy by the time I get around to doing this. It won't be until later tonight or so, I'm thinking, and since I have another rehearsal at about ten tonight, I'm thinking I'd like to have it all done by then.

Woooot.....I'm really flying!!!!

The Phoenix
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