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Snatch victory!

Math is fun....math is great...and I'm insane!!!

Mini economy has come back to haunt a very good way. As science_vixen knows from transcribing the files, the stuff we are doing now has to do with percents from decimals and fractions, interest rates, installment buying and financing stuff. All of which I had in mini economy. Bill paying and loan interest rates were my best friends for about a year and a half during my high school career. This is going to be sooo much fun!!! This time, I really do mean that. Som of this stuff is so damn simple I could do it sleeping.

I had a rehearsal last night for about an hour which was really coolness because it was the longest rehearsal I have had since we started the music project. We worked on "Love of My Life" again, but I think we're nearly done with that one. I'm becoming more and more comfortable wit hthat one every time we do it. We also worked more extensively on "Sounds of Silence." There were some timing issues with it, and still are as the timing throughout the song changes somewhat from verse to verse. However, I did manage to find some tapes and I had him pape the stuff so I could go over it by myself and work on those issues. Our nest rehearsal is tomorrow and will take place here. Jeff is so incredibly awesome...I love him. Seriously, without him, one of mye greatest desires would not be coming to fruition rityht now...singing on the side for something I love doing has been te best thing for me at the moment. I am like so much happier knowing that I am doing something I enjoy and something I feel comfident that I can do.

Othar than that and working at the radio station again and my class, not much has been going on. I'm hoping to be able to pass these courses with relative ease, and it's a great relief to know that the stuff I'm doing for math has been greatly simplified from algebra to simple manipulative stuff.

Hope all are well and hugs to those who need them.

The Phoenix
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