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Still awake...

I love too long naps...especially when they involve travels...and I do mean that. Only thing is, I'm still awake since I've slept for about...hmm...eight hours in the middle of the day. Ah well...that's what weekends are for, no? i still have this paper to work on, and some more e-mails to write to a counsellor and the DA since I haven't heard from them in about two weeks. Now it's time to start doing what I want to it's time to start talking about trips.

As of this coming week, a trip to Indiana will be a definite. From June 3rd to the 5th there is an alumni convention at ISB to which I will be going. I will more than likely leave on the second and come back on the sixth. Since I am not taking summer classes that will not be a problem for me. I will have a month at home, a weekend away from home and nearly two more months after that...I just hope this summer doesn't cycle like the last one did. If it does, look out readers, it won't be pretty. oh and welcome shuangs I know you'v been on here for the last four or five days and I hope you have found this interesting so far.

Now off to find someon on a messengerto a nice way. LOL

the Phoenix
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