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I passed!!

Hello all,

I got a 70% on the math test...wooooot!!!!!

Now however, he is going to be the one giving me the test because he feels like the people giving me the test are doing a lot of the work for me...and he is going to have Kya give him a detailed report of everything we about scaring the shit out of me, but oh well. Now I'm going to feel like every tutoring session is a test on what I'm doing and the only place I'll feel really comfortable in is class. I know that's not his intention, but right now I'm just extremely nervoust and angsty.He says no more BS ing my way through the tests. He wants me to do a lot of the work on the PAC Mate or BLite, which ever i feel more comfortable with and write it all out. So...that's what I was doing before, just the people there were helping me keep the numbers strate since there was more than one equasion to look at and I had a hard time keeping them all straight, that would even happen with the Braille Lite or the PAC Mate since there's only a single bar and the Braille writer is so cumbersome that it hasn't left my room since it came here. He says I'm going to be a lot more accountable for what I do for the next three weeks, and I will have to prove to him that I deserve a C in the course...which means I'm still in. I just hope I'm up to this. Bust my butt for math....since final is comprehensive. Thank the gods it's not for three more weeks. But this next test is in two...two! Wish me luck all, this is going to be rough.

The Phoenix
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