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First let's begin with

I started out yesterday by going to the broadcast building as usual, but instead of having the driver take me all the way there, since it was a nice day, I decided I was going to walk it. SO I was walking down some lightpoles which are my main landmarks for most of the way there. I was at the crossing when I heard
"Hey Indiana!"
I waved to the bus driver
"You're going the wrong way!"
I told him that I was heading to the broadcast building, and then he said I was going the right way and he thought I was heading somewhere else.
Indiana, for those of you who don't know is where I'm originaly from and where I grew up. He and I had talked of Indiana and Chicago on several occasions, and yesterday I don't think he remembered my name which I had also told him at one time. So since he knew I was from Indiana and couldn't remember my actual name, he called me by what he knew. I actually found it quite funny..."Hey Indiana!" LOL....too bad I cidn't yell back "Hey Chicago!"
Then there were the boards. Yesterday was an a-typical board least for the ten o'clock break. Instead of department store ads, I had to bring up the "In TOuch" network out of New york. The first part of the break went as usual where I pulled up the automation underneth the reader as he was closing, pulled his pot down and put it in cue so it wasn't transmitting anymore. However, that's where the typical ended. Since we didn't want the department stor deal to come on, I waited untile the ID finished, then had to briing down the automation and bring up in touch before gthe man's voice saying " now it's time for..." started going. I actually did really well considering it's not very often that I have to do In Touch and the pot for it is in a rather awkward place. Auto is pot five and In TOuch is pot seven which is located behind a computer keyboard. I was extremely pleased, even for being extremely tired that day.
Then after my class and lunch I went in in order to cancel tutoring because of a paper needed doing. So I go home and work on the paper...then I decided to try out the pool down at the commons which is like our lounge area where all the mailboxes are and where all the administrative stuff for housing takes place. I may just be gisiting there more was the pool nice!! I...oh man, it was just nice to go swimming all by myself without the parents around. not completely by myself because my RA came down and sat with me while I swam in the pool, but still. I came back...and worked some more on the paper, then was a bad girl and stayed up a bit too late. Doreen...go figure. LOL, though I'm not blaming her at all, I could have very easily said I need to go waaay earlier than I did. has been pretty good. Jeff and I ran through "Love of My Life" again and fixed some mistakes in pitch I was making in the middle of the verses, so that was cool. Those low notes...I tell ya, they're a bitch sometimes, but...oooh I love singing!!!
We then ran through "Sounds of Silence" and experemented with some keys, He now does it in capo seven, for those...who absolutely must know. LOL Six was a little lo. I thought seven would be too hi, but it actually works, so we're good to go there.
On the way to the rehearsal he said that he would help me with some of my chemestry homework after finding out how much work it was for me to go through the tapes to find the answers. He is going to find some students to e-mail me the questions so that when I'm reading the chapters I can just write the answers as I go. i also told him how much of a help he was being and explained to him how grateful it was to find someone who thought of me as a singer first and a blind person second. He told me that he never saw me as a blind person, but as a person who wanted to do something to help, then as someone who was blind. He says he appreciates the help I'm giving because he feels strongly about this. So needless to say I'm feeling rather good right now. It's refreshing to know that there are still people out there willing to look past the blindness and also to do everything in their power to help me work around things that really aren't my fault.
I also spoke to the teacher about the questions and why I wasn't getting them done. Adaptive services is definitely leaving a lot to be desired this semester, that's for damn sure, and as poetprodigy7 said, we, won't, go, there!
I had my reader skip two chapters due to the fact that I need 7, 8, and 9 for this next test. I should probably make sure she does them after these chapters. However, this was one of those classes where the book wasn't followed in any order, so that didn't help any either. However, when I told him about the situation, which was that I had no idea what to do for a lot of the chapters, he eased my mind by saying just as long as I had them in by the end of the semester, it was OK....whew! I'm feeling better now. I don't know what's going to happen in tonight's math class as I haven't looked at the files yet, A, and B since I didn't have tutoring yesterday due to the fact that I was working like hell on this paper, I didn't get a preview. I swear to you halimede I haven't forgotten you....really I havent. This weekend is going to mainly be chemestry...but we'll see if I can't get at least something to you...maybe?
Anyway, now that I've written a novel...or so, I suppose I'll let you all go on about your regularly scheduled lives. Hugs to all who need them...hmm, I thought about mentioning names, but I suppose I won't. Just for those who need them, and anyone who needs to talk my details are in my bio. Have a wonderful rest of the day or evening wherever you may be.

The Phoenix
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