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Yea for found friends!!!

LOL OK...this makes two,

I found a friend yesterday just by sort of spying on Live journals. LOL I know someone who had a live journal...and the friend that I found was oh thier friends list, so now, not only can I keeep in better touch with this very wonderful person...I can catch up on all the lost years of anime. LOL
It's been waaaay toooo long!!! I'll probably be energized as well for the rest of the week. Since spring break was last week, I guess you could say I'm trying to get over it. LOL I have a concert tomorrow, so tonight mom's gunna come and pick me up. I['ll probably fill you in on the concert and be writing down the set list. LOL This Irish Rovers concert's gunna be awesome!!

Anyway other than that and trying to get all this stuff together for the research papers and presentations, I don't have much more to say. So....

Till next time,

The Phoenix
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