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Skype is pissing me off to no end!! It won't let me log in and every time I try it gives me an error report thing saying a critical error has occurred...looks like an uninstall and a re-install is in order. I don't like when skype messes up because that's one of the main voice chat clients I use right now. That and a couple of audio chat sites I use. But skype is sooo much fun because it's so clear.Meow, these chemistry problems are going to be a bit harder than I thought because they want information from the chapter which means I'll have to go looking. oh, how fun *sarcastic face*. I hate having to have to look through the tape for information. it takes bloody forever.

and since I'm in a ranty mood...

disabled people are intelligent not children, blacks are intelligent not children, varied exceptional people are intelligent, not children!!!
I hate when people talk down to us, ridicule us, take advantage of us. All of are human, we just have different ways of doing things. What pisses me off is when people discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity, because I don't like the term race, creed, etcetera. I am going to start with the disabled, but this could very well apply to everyone. In my opinion, if one community is discriminated against, all of them are.
autism, blindness, defness, being without speech, all of these bring up certain connotations in others minds. Some get lucky because they look normal and it is only when something brings it out in comversation that issues arise. For example, some of us blindies look normal, and there are varying degrees of blindness just as there are varying degrees of deafness. Some can function normally to some extent in a world with there so-called normal counterparts, however, this is only to some extent. We have different ways of communicating according to our different challenges, sign language for those who are hearing impared or without speech, braille and such for sightless, TTY's for phone calls...speech software to help us get through school and to help in the job market. We debate just like other people...hello people, stop thinking just because we do things differently we are totally and completely moronic!! My mother is very overprotective of me because I can't see. She feels that because I can't see I am easier to take advantage of, easier to hurt, and too trusting for my own good. So she tries to make decisions for me, she wants to know who my friends are, where they live, what they're like, how I met them. She does things to me, that sometimes I am not comfortable with in the name of appearance because of what she thinks other people will say. She will sometimes talk to me as if I'm fifteen and not twenty-five because she feels I act that way sometimes. She keeps giving me advice on how to do and how not to do things. It becomes rather annoying!!
Then there are the people outside the family who come up and ask you if you would like any help and grab your arm before you can say "no I'm fine," or "how are you honey?" as if you're a child, or they ask around you, "What would she like?" Or those who yell at you because they think that blindness and deafness go together. No....just stop!!!
Then there are those, stepping outside the blindness for a minute, who talk down to autistic people as if they were children. Granted, some of them do need things in rudementry terms, but you don't need to put this condescendence in your voice that makes you sound like you'd like to be anywhere else except with them. Contrary to what others believe, they, *we* can sense that and they *we* don't like when that is the case. Like us for us, not because you feel obligated to.

Now...ethinc or race discrimination, or even cultural discrimination. My friends parents would have killed her if they knew she was dating a black person because they have this prejudice against them...go the fuck away!! Don't get me wrong her parents are nice people, but that!! I have friends who are lesbien, bisexual, wicca, Christian, from every walk of life. I hate the fact that people judge each other based on appearance of skin, clothes, by the way they speak, by the way they carry themselves. Just because your different doesn't make you bad, just because you're black doesn't mean you're of a lower standard than others. Gods, these steriotypes have to go! I'll admit one thing here, and people in the pantheon, please don't get pissy, but before I met you all...well...I grew up with the steriotype that all gang members were to be avoided. In high school, that's all you really knew, and I wasn't exactly in a position to ask many because that's not something you put out there foreveryone to know.I was very sheltered at the blind school, the only time I wasn't was when I went to North central, and that was only for a short period of time per day. Thanks to [Bad username: aerdran,] however...out the window. There's someone who I have a good Idea reads this who I care a lot for even though I haven't spoken to them on messenger at all. If I ever get out to washington, I would seriously like to meet this someone because from what little I've seen written in others friends locked stuff, they are really cool sounding.
Prejudices piss me off, weight prejudices, prejudice based on color, economic standing, cultural preferences, any of that...piss me the fuck off. Humans are humans and we all have the same responses, we all bleed, we all love, we all hate, we all have hopes fears and dreams, as long as we can communicate, I see no reason why we shouldn't have friends from everywhere.

OK now that that's been written, I feel better. That was actually a lot cleaner and less ranty than I thought, but there we are. I just hope I didn't offend anyone with a certain comment... but I'd rather come clean now than later.

The Phoenix
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