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grhrhrhowl at readers!!!

OK readers,

In for a short one before I head out again. science_vixen I got the file, thank you.

OK, I was a bit pissed this morning because of the following. I got to the radio reading service today only to find out that Glenn was not there due to the fact that he caught something while out on the bike trip he was on last week. So there was an elederly woman there who was nice enough to speak with, but I felt like she was taking my work from me. I didn't say anything because I had known she was a volunteer and she felt it was her job to do what she was doing, so I let her do it. So I go in to do the first break a bit early in order to get set up. Since I was in earlier I had to wait longer for the cue music and I got worried that it wasn't going to come on, but it did and all was well untill the music changed. I was moving my arm in the wind-up motion, and winding and winding....reader kept talking. By this time I'm saying "come on...come on!!" This reader would just not shut up, just kept on going. By the time he did stop, the announcement for what had just been read was going and I pulled it up a bit. Since the reader who wouldn't shut up was still talking, I took great pleasure in noticing his flustered last sentence. Ha! It was one of a pair of readers and it's a good thing he wasn't there when I left at the end of the break or he would have gotten a lashing. I know he could see my arm, and that's what pissed me off. What made me feel better is that the other reader in there with the gabber told me that he had tried to shut the gabber up and it wasn't working. Meow, two against one. You lose. Then, I'm so used to doing stuff on Mondays that when Peggy, the elderly woman started doing what I usually do, it kind of mad me nervous. I sort of felt like I was there for no other reason but to do the breaks, which is fine, because that's my main purpose for being there, but when you're used to doing other things as well and that's whe he expects you to do besides doiing the breaks, it's kind of weird when you know you're supposed to and you can't.The breaks, making the coffee and washing the dishes are my main jobs there on Mondays and Wednesdays and having two out of the three pulled out from under me made me sort of feel at loose ends. Again I didn't say much because I just didn't feel like it, and since she was an elderly woman, it just didn't seem right to do something that might make her feel bad. Also those are her usual jobs on Saturdays and Sundays, so she was doing something she felt was her duty, not knowing that it was mine.

Anyway I suppose I had better head out since tutoring is in a half an hour. Write more later.
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