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27 hours later...

Hello readers,

It's been about oh, two or three months since I started a t the radio reading service station, and here I am...not wanting to go! I love the work it's great, but the weather sucks, I'm in pain, and i'm starting to come down with something again. Every time I go off my herbs I seem to gome down with that nasty cold, or start to anyway. I'll probably end up going because I need the community service learning time, but believe you me, I'd rather be in bed right now. Radio Reading Service board running, as fun as it may be, is actually rather light. Two five minute breaks per hour. It also doesn't help that the rain coat I have doesn't have a hood and umbrellas suck for blind people. I also have a class today, so we'll see how that goes. I also have math tutoring at 2:00 which is a good thing since the next test is...tomorrow. This is the one he said he was going to considerably shorten and give me specifics on, so we'll see how that goes. This test, readers, this one is my absolute last chance. adaptive services person said that he would still give me a W in the class if I didn't pass this next one even though the official date to drop without penalty was Good Friday. I just hope I can get through this...and this chemestry class.

off to face the day.

The Phoenix
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