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Hello Mr. Keisling,
I have been thinking a lot about the math class and I am extremely concerned with my grades. It's not that I haven't been trying, because I have. I have
gone to tutors, been doing OK in class and have been studying on my own. But every time I go to take the test I freeze up because the tests scare me. I
guess it's because when I feel like I'm being graded I get nervous, but when I'm in class it feels like I'm there for the knowledge and that I can deal
with. I don't know why this is, but it's like my mind blocks it out every time I have an exam. This is frustrating me like you wouldn't believe.
Also, I thought for the test that as long as I described how things were done, I was able to get full credit. I know on the last tests, I switched back
and forth between describing and answering, but I misunderstood you, apparently, because I didn't know that I also had to solve some of the problems after
describing how they were done.
When I was up in Indiana at the university there, I was able to take a substitution course for the math due to the difficulties I was having. Not only was
I becoming frustrated, so was my mother who would have to work through the problems with me. That coupled with the lack of technology forced me to withdraw
from the class and take a substitution. I feel as if this is happening all over again, but in a much gentler fashion because of the assistance you are
providing for me. The in class help, the tutor and the studying are what I am doing now, but is there anything else you can think of for me?
I was wondering if there was any way I could do some extra credit for this course as I really really really need to pass this course. I can't take any of
my upper level courses until I get this done, so right now I am in limbo. I am taking lower level classes that really aren't necessary in order to be in
this class. However, unless I do extremely well on these next three exams, I will not pass. I am at a loss on what to do here and I am getting desperate.
If you could give me any suggestions, I would appreciate it. I know Cori and you have spoken on this matter, and I have been taking suggestions that you
and her have given me, such as the tutor and studying every day for at least an hour. But even with these preparations I am finding it difficult. Please
write back with your thoughts. Thank you very much.

It was nice hearing from you. I hope if you continue to do what you have outlined in your letter you will be able to get through this class. I have made your next exam much shorter, and I will tell you which problems you must give an answer to and which ones you can just explain the process for.

Please continue to work hard---Don't give up the ship!

Mr. Keisling

You just have no idea how extremely relieved I was to get this answer from the teacher yesterday. I was crying with the release...near to tears with it.
Now if only I could remember the current formulas. It is sad when the simplest of graphing formulas get you in a muddle and the rules of positives and negateves confuse the hell out of you. chrisondra keep sending. Maybe between you and a friend of mine who is in to Medical Intuition training and Healing Touch I can get through this class with at least a C...and halimede and science_vixen I do believe you have me convinced not to take stats this summer, even if it means being in school longer...if I can get away without taking it, I will. It's just...the CLAST seems so daunting.

In other news, I never really realized how much I mist just singing...just singing until I did it for my first concert rehearsal today. I think I rode on the excitement of that rehearsal for the next hour and to think that a professional said I did good and that every time we ran through the song it got better and better...singing comes naturally to me now, and without my voice I go insane for more reasons than one. I enjoy singing...physically and spiritually...and yes I can sing in spirit, though singing physically is....sooo much fun. Spiritual singing gets me through the times when I lose my voice and I can't do it out loud...mmmm...singing rocks!!! It also allows me to sing in dreams and for others without actually being there physically. I'm probably letting out some of my eccentricities here, but oh well. I am seriously tired of hiding behind what others will think of what I there we are. We ran through "Love of My Life" and "Sound of Silence." I think they will be doable, now it's to find out if "Big Yellow Taxi" will be. I hope it is...I seriously do.

I got an A on my anthropology quiz last week and a67 on my chemestry exam which sort of pissed me off because I thought I had done better than that on it. I have homework due for Thursday in that class, however I told him that he might get mine a tad bit later since it's all taped and stuff.

5 page essay due for Bledsoe's class will probably end up being started on Saturday if not later. I just hope I can get most of it done before the conference week after next. I don't see why I shouldn't since I technically have two weeks to do it.

I still havven't heard from my mother about 2 page paper I sent her, so it looks like it's up to me to find the quotes and things I'll need. I sure wish she would check her e-mail more often.

I am in serious pain again and have been this past week or so off and on. I told my mom about it and she's going to try and make an appointment with my doctor at the health center I go to for my physicals. It's odd that February and March are the worst months for me...right at the beginning of the rainy season. Before and after I'm fine, it's just when the weather get's messed up. I noticed that around the same time last year I was complaining of the pain and how much I hurt. Now it's the same thing again and it has sometimes gotten so bad to where I have laid down on my back and I haven't wanted to move again and I haven't wanted to go anywhere. Like today when I came back from my mobility lesson. I lay down, and din't want to move. I didn't even want to go to math class it was that bat bad, yalls. Mom is going to send me back to school next with an interesting remedy that she no longer needs. She says that I shouldn't take this before classes, but I can use it if I need to get a good night's sleep. Hmm...taking this before class would not be the wisest thing to do since it knocks me on my ass...however sleep is nice, very nice indeed. It's too bad it interferes with dream state travelling. Actually the last time I took it, it really didn't, it just made me a little bit slower than I'm used to, and somewhat more than I would have liked. Thank the gods I had protection.
but yes...still in pain and it's supposed to rain tomorrow...I thought today was supposed to be the bad weather day, but it actually turned out quite nice despite the soaring humidity and seemingly dropping barometer. I just wish this would stop so I could concentrate easier on shit I need to do...I seriously hate being in pain and it doesn't help when you have a headache to accompany the back ache.

So there's my day and my rant, such as it is. I am seriously hoping the weather settles a bit before Tuesday or I'm fucked. It's bad enough that math doesn't stick in my brain, it's even worse when the carrier of that brain is in pain.

The Phoenix
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