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So readers,

Things about yesterday that I didn't put here because I was just so frustrated that it wasn't even funny.
Those who know about my mother know that she can be rather overbearing at times and yesterday was no acception. She told me about how I should be doing this that and the other and how if she hadn't said anything I wouldn't have done anything on my own..."problem solving...aaaat...Sarah's poor point." I realize this, but as long as you keep spouting that at me, how is that supposed to make it any better for me? She says she doesn't like coming down on me, but she feels she has to because it's the only way I'll do things. Not her exact words, but her point as how I see it.
I had even said in my last entry how I was going to cut down on phone time and do some
* finished "their eyes
* went to math tutoring
* brainstormed a bit more for essay.
I haven't started writing it yet, but before the night's out that will probably start. It's only two double-spaced pages, so it's not going to take me that long.
Tomorrow's going to be crazy though, I just hope I can live on enough caffine to keep myself relatively pain free. Weather's supposed to turn bad again and a certain part of me is telling me that that is so along with several people.
Also I have a study partner for anthropology tomorrow, a mobility lesson, math tutoring again and two classes. I am so glad that after 6:15 I get to come home. However tomorrow night is not going to be a usual do nothing night as I have chemestry homework that is due on Thursday. So longer five page essay may just have to wait until friday as those take priority. I am thinking about taking statistics this summer. and guess what chrisondra? I get to experience a quarter as a summer session is ten weeks...or at least C is. A and B are both Five weeks each. So now it's off to do homework yet again.

The Phoenix
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