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Mom and homework and stuff

Hello all,

Vedge sessions have officially ended.
I've yet to read the end of "their Eyes" but I will do that sometime today. I have however started brainstorming for my last reading response which is the one Bledsoe wants us to do on above mentioned book. I'm thinking about doing it on the theme of repression. Repression of Janie by her husband compared to repression of blacks by whites. This works becaust this was written in the 1930's where this was prevelant, unfortunately.
I am also planning to go to the alumni convention at ISB on Jun 3, 4, and 5. There are several people asking if I will be there, and I have found one person I would like to see again b ecause it's been about two years. However, that person is not a certain Indianapolis bred boy who sent me nasty e-mails, though I wouldn't be surprised if he is there at all.
I've started rehearsing alone for my small concert and I am finding that "Sound of Silence" is a bit harder than I first thought. Ah well...challenge is a good thing. Just as long as I can catch the melody andleve the harmony to do its own thing, I should be OK. The other two songs are absolutely lovely though and it shouldn't take me that long to learn them if I practice them enough.
The Essy for Bledsoe's class will be under construction starting tomorrow as I plan to do some brainstorming then too. I don't like making outlines, but for this one I may just have to due to the fact that I want several quotes in there and if I don't remind myself where they are, I could lose them. I also have an exam next week for anthropology and perhaps a math exam the following Tuesday or thursday over chapter there we are.
Also Mom is coming down today to bring me some pellows and some other things I forgot at home. Let's just say I'd be going...pantiless if she weren't here. If that's TMI, sorry yalls.
Busy times, very busy times, especially since I only have five weeks left and three mor exams in the math class. Two more and a final...if I stay in at all, I still don't know. All I do know is that statistical methods is my plan for summer C if I can at all help it. Yucky, but required. chrisondra halimede, aerdran rnb_capricorn and science_vixen be ready for some angsty rants during the summer over messenger. Math sucks, and statistics is even worse from what I hear. I will refuse to be without a book for that class...I will refuse!!!

on that interesting note, I will wrap up this entry. Have a good day all.

the Phoenix
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