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Hello readers,

Today was somewhat productive, though I didn't doo much in the homework department. I did, however, secure my room for next semester, after finding out that i couldn't do it online like I had expected to and also finding that the application was in PDF, As chrisondra knows, that did not make me a happy camper.
So I went to the COmmons, which is like our main building for housing, and asked a Resident Advisor to help me fill it out. What was even better was that the Resident Advisor was mine, so it made it a lot nicer. Then I went out for brunch.
On the way, though I stopped in academic Building 3 and had a nice long conversation with the girl who works there and a couple of other people. We talked about foods and how to eat healthier, we talked about Scientology and how messed up it was and some other stuff. I stayed there talking for a good hour and a half or so before going to eat.
I came home then and just sort of vedged.

However, the vedge sessions will end as of this weekend. FOr the next two weeks it will be the following
* review for anthropology exam
* take anthropology exam on Wednesday
* turn in reading response for Bledsoe's class
* math exam that next Thursday (adaptive services hasn't said yes or no to pulling me fro mthe class yet.)
* have conference on essay for bledsoe's class. She says that has to be five full pages. This is really the only big essay I've had to write so far. I've been extremely lucky. So I hope I do well on it and this reading response since I got a 73 percent on the midterm which seriously did not make me happy.

THe other thing I did today was meet Jen's feonse. He's really cool and I like him, so that's cool. I asked him if he wouldn't mind takign me to Publics so I could pick up some stuff, since Jen reminded me that her car wasnt working very well. So he did and I'm extremely happy. I ave two cubes worth of Mountain dew...sory aerdran I couldn't find live wire, so again I had to go with what was available. At least it's caffine and at least it kills the pain somewhat.

Jen had come over last night as well, so that was cool. She and I and Doreen had a good time. DOreen was on the phone of course.

Well I suppose that is all for now and I will write again soon.

The Phoenix
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