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Saint Patty's day I almost forgot to wish everybody a good Saaint Patrick's day! My bad!

Yep. Mister Jack does do a hell of a job with Seven Drunken Nights, I have to agree with you, there, Calya. You're not the only one who misses him doing that one! What's even scarier is it's almost been a year since he and I met for the very first time. *smiles reminiscently*

OK, OK I'm done with that. LOL I think he's gunna be home this wekend...but I won't be here. I will be enjoying an Irish rover's concert down here at a performing arts hall.

Anywahy that's about it...and oh yeah I will be doing an interview with a head priestess of a couven here, so that should yield some rather good information. I'll need to bring a tape recorder so I can tape the interview. I'm soooo excited!!! I don't think I've ever been so excited about a research project since...about three years ago or so. I love this!!!!

Anyway now that I've rambled on for way too long, I'll end this. Talk about a loever ow words!! LOL

The phoenix
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