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Again it's a...

Again it's a no feel like writing day, however since all of you are waiting, I will post weekend's adventures since I have nothing else to do at the moment.

Saturday was quite fun as we spent most of the day at the first anual Irish Festival in cape coral. There were a lot of venders there, one of which had an 85 percent/15 percent jungle wild/domesticated cat there and a Blue and Gold Macaw...which I got to hold on my arm...meow!!! Those of you who have read thsi before know that I absolutely love blue and gold macaws. I think they rock. Like seriously rock. Her name was Christmas and the cat's name was Bubba Jet. We stayed through several performers, one of which was a bagpipe band.
Robert and Emma were absolutely fabulous...mmmm for the small pipes....if that's how the Ilians are....yummmy!!! I want to play the Ilians like yesterday so to hear the small pipes compared to them was nothing short of...well...thrilling. I seriously wish I could have put my hands on them at least for a minut...but no such luck there. Emma played the accordeon....and Oh my gods could she play!
Kathy Durken and her band were wonderful...and mmmm...her son's piano playing was magical and her voice, Kathy's voice was so...yeah it was beautiful and fit the piano and her other instrument players nicely.
Jerry Winter Jazz Ensemble was pretty good, but frankly I've heard better jazz players. Not that they weren't good, I just didn't like them as well as some of the other performers. He did a tune on some sort of small whistle that I liked, though, so that was cool. was Maurice Lamonico....and all I can say for that voice is....meow!Meow, meow, meow!!! He does Italian American music....and Oh my gods....meow!!! Be warned, though if you don't like operetic voices you won't like him. but....mmmmm!!!

However, the inbetween stuff. We were there most of the day, so I got some sun. My aunts showed up with my grandma and so mom and them hung around for a bit. They left and mom wanted to go. I told her we could go if she wanted because I found out that the Maurice wasn't the same guy we'd seen at marimar all the time. She stayed anyway...and well see above. After that we went home...actually during his performance we went home, but at least I was there....meow!!!

on to the next part of the day which was

TP hoolihans, for those of you who read regular.
I thought it was michael Baily...but it's not, it's michael Daily. So we got there early and I bought a meal and a Guinness, but what else is new? I usually don't buy food, but the guinness should be no surprise to those who read. So I find out that there is another birthday party going on in the pub...and I try to tell them that my birthday is on Monday. Well during a request lull, I finally get the point across...not that I'm blaming anyone, pub was loud. So after he finds this out, he gave me a rose out of a basket that someone is selling them from. I also got their dessert of chocolate cake which was delicious. Somewhat rich, but it was good nonetheless. SO then the whole pub sings happy birthday to me.
Before that, though, there had been a song running through my head all day...and when he played it...ooooh did I sing!!!
Feields of Athen Wry....mmmmm, I love that song!!! He also did others that I sang to. But unlike other nights where he broke the set into two 1 hour segments, he played and sang for two hours and twenty-five minutes straight...straight, no breaks, no nothing...a damn ass long set, even for him.
and then...well, I was right next to the stage and on one of the railings sat the tip jar. Well apparently someone got too close to the rail, because all of the sudden the tip jar, contents and all were in my lap. I helped the waitress put it all back in...
"It's not everyday you have money fall into your lap."
I smiled and nodded at her...too bad he didn't notice.
I came home and called Doreen again and then fell asleep.

and last but not least

Rather expensive little train ride which included dinner and a show. I'm not sure whether I'd recommend it or not. It was a fun night, though.
Appitizers, Soup, Salad or fruit bowl depending on prefference, main course, dessert.
It took about three and a half hours to complete, and the show consisted of four actors who were supposed to be impersonaters. They were fired from a nightclub in Chicago all at the same time. The owner was in some trouble and was killed. You had to find out which one of the four impersonaters did the killing.
I had Chicken with green beans and rice. The dessert was a chocolate moose in an edible chocolate shell. The soup was sweet potato and Ginger, and they even brought around rolls. I had a salad and a glass of Zinfandel...I love zinfandels. It was somewhat too expensive to do again any time soon, though.
After the train ride I came home, packed, tried to sleep, called doreen, tried to sleep again and really didn't sleep well. Of course, Monday was pretty much an easy day for me except for the morning where I nearly missed a break. Luckily I didn't, so that was a good thing. I bet Glenn wondered what took the music so long to come up, though.
Class was OK and then I spent the rest of the day being lazy.

So that was my weekend and Monday in somewhat of a nutshell. I enjoyed myself immensely over that weekend, I think it was the highlight of my spring break. I hope all are well.
I am still in pain for those who wish to know and my chest is still tight as hell. Head doesn't hurt as badly, but my back still does, from my sholders all the way down and, as I said, my chest is tight as hell. I cough every once in a while...and I think I may have to go in for it because it's one of those dry racks. Not all of the time mind...but just enough to make me somewhat nervous. Again I hope all are well
*hugs to all who need them*

The Phoenix
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