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Still here...

Yeah... so

Thank you maria2884 for the birthday wishes, I think it was you and SV who wished it and not nightdrake and thank you calya
I do know that everyone doesn't comment pixar_nation it's just that most times it goes to the back of my mind, ya know? was pretty good, but I got a fifty-two on the last math test which means no pass...I'm not exactly sure it means no clas yet as I haven't talked to Cori about it. I'll post more about it tomorrow when I get the comments off of it he said he left. Anyway I'm still trying to keep this nice little virus at bay and I really am not in the mood to write out adventures, though the time is here. Besides, suspence is soo much fun. LOL
I will tell you that the concert I am doing is on for April 12 and the tentative set list is
Sound of Silence
Love of my Life
Paved Paradice
Simple Gifts
It's only a fifteen minute set, so we'll see how that goes. Until later all.

The Phoenix
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