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"I will go ahead in switch the case over to R*** then and I'll have her call you and set up a time where you two can meet." At the university, of course, since my break ends Monday.

Wooooooooooooot!!!!!! I am switching counsellors....finally, finally, finally!!!!!

Now I can sleep easier. Sorry, but Cindy just....uuuuug!!!! I hope me and this new one hit it off really well. Maybe, just maybe I can get some Spanish practice in with her....maybe?

I feel so stupid...I have a perfectly nice keybord, a piano one sitting in my room and my ass hasn't touched the thing all week. I just hope I can remember everything Shiela tought me. Speaking of which, I need to call the woman, she probably thought I've forgotten all about her since it's been like for/five months or longer since I've called her...damn! I'd like to start lessons again, but we'll see how that goes. Maybe if I can get lee tran to pick me up, that'll work.
Now it's off to jump up and down...wooooootnessnessness!!!

*dances off singing*

The Phoenix
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