The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

The waiting begins...

Time for a little in entry backdating.

Two days ago, mom and I went to get pictures for a passport because I feel it's time to get one, and she wants to get one so she can go to Ireland. So...yesterday she was gon at work all day, so they sat. Today however, we went in to the city building so we could finish the application. So now...we wait 25 business days...about five days short of a month. Then I will have a passport. Something I've kind of been wanting for a while. Other than that not much has been happening. I was up kind of early, so we'll see how the day goes. I may end up in the bed again, just because I can be there.
My birthday's in three days yall. OK so I'm being a kid....but everyone has a right to be, ya know? I love my's too bad I have to be in class for it, though. So now it's off to do other things. Have a good day all.

The Phoenix
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