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Hi readers/listeners/Phoenix fans!!

OK I'm don with the nap, and for some reason now i'm like completely energized beyond all hope of calming my ass down!! LOL

First off my wiccan reseach paper has been very successful in its research phase thanks to some very helpful souls one of which is a reader. LOL the other two are not, byut still bear mentioning. I'm so very excited to be doing this paper. I've always been curious to see what the history behind all this was and now....well it's being done. LOL QWho knows maybe I'll finally find out where I stand in regards to everything I personally believe in.

Second, I have another research paper that needs doing. This one is on the Florida panther, very endangered, actually I would consider it on the verge of being extinct. I have about four five web sites. Now I need to find some journal articles and maybe somebooks on the Florida panther. LOL Only two sources can be websites and we have to have a minimum of ten sources. It has to be five to ten pages single spaced. Whic isn't really all that bad sinceyou know what you are going from and what you are supposed to be researching. I have an interview to do today...or at least to present and I had a quize this morning which I flat bombed...totally failed!!! Anyway, we'll find out how bad I really did nex week wnen I get it back. more presentation. This time it's on a famous woman author, Isabel Allende pronounced Uh yenday. She's a really good writer, if you like Spanish stuff. LOL A lot of her works are translated into English, though, so it makes it easier for me to read them. Is you can tell, I've got a lot of stuff on my plate. LOL but it's gunna be fun, too bad I can't just focus on all of this research. I still have to read and all that...keep up on everything's sometimes hard. I just pray I can do it all and not let my grades slip. LOL
Other than that...and trying to keep up with all my friends online and off, there hasn't been much going on. Tuess I should end this for now. I'll probably write again when I get the chance.

The Phoenix
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