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I've decided to write my Bullworth essay on the lines about spirit. I've been working on it for the past three days and I'm still not finished, I don't see how people can write on something from this movie for three hours and be done, I know I wrote an essay for the placement test, but that only covered one and a half pages. You also had something definite to go by, a passage to explain. This, I think is more abstract, you had to find a topic and then write on it. But there were so many, I had a doosy of a time trying to pick one!! Oh well on with the argument part of the day. I don't have a clue as to which one to argue, ok, well maybe I do. I think maybe I'll argue for the prayer groups. I really think that after school kids are on their own time and should be able to do whatever they want within reason. If they want to pray, well then we should let them pray, if they want to sing worship songs to the LORD of all the earth, well then we should let them do so, if they want to play football, then let them, anything they want to do within reason. They may still be on school property, but it's their time, before or after school on the weekends, during concerts, anything that the school doesn't sponsor directly such a sporting events. Graduations are another matter entirely, it becomes the class's choice whether to have a prayer or not. I had a preacher go to the school to put on a concert and since he was on school property, he was afraid of mentioning God directly, so he referred to Him as "a higher power." After the concert one of the students asked if he was referring to God and he answered that he was. A band that came to our school however, mentioned God directly without a problem. I still think that students should be able to organize prayer and worship groups on or off school property. I know others don't because they believe that separation of church and state should apply no matter what time of day it is since the children are still on school property. I can't remember where I heard the quote, but I like it, "We should have freedom from religion, not freedom of religion" can't even remember who said it, but I like it very much. We all have faith in the same God, whether we call him God, Yahweh, or some other name, we still trust Him. So why not let our children do the same, no matter what their religion. I believe that what happens in our schools, such as when the students are praying and worshipping together no matter what denomination they are, promotes unity, harmony, and goodwill does it not? I think it does, so we should let it continue and not stop it from happening. It seems as though we live in a world where violence, very nasty shocks, and cursing rule. I Know I've done my fair share of the latter, although I try not to anymore. I also heard that "cussing is an indication of a limited vocabulary. It is used when no other words can be found, not exact, but it will do. I can always find an alternative word to take the place of one of the many cuss words in our extensive vocabulary.
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