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Tell you what that movie we watched in class was something else. I couldn't believe all the stuff I found out after the movie was over. The information about the hands putting something into Bullworth's drinks, the fact that the last line was spoken to the camera, these are only two of the things I learned about the movie after we watched it.
Here we go with politics again. I have a hard time defining it, because there is no common definition (that I know of) for the word. If some One were to ask me what my political definition is I'd be like uuuuuuh. Yes, I have issues I believe strongly about, religion, abortion, the disabilities' acts and so on, but I have almost no idea where they and I stand in terms of or in relation to politics. Oh well I'll try to describe the film. It's about a senator who goes off on the nation's taxpayers, businesspeople and insurance companies. He does this by rapping his speeches, and telling the truth no matter how bad the information may hurt the people's feelings or his career for that matter. He has a wife, but she is not really a main character. He falls in love with a younger black woman named Nina. He has a number of young supporters and his staff thinks since he's rapping his speeches and not eating and sleeping well, that Jay may be havING PROBLEMS.
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