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OK, I know,

I said I was going to bed on MSN, but for some odd reason it's like all this energy just came into me and I don't know where it came from.

I had no idea a research paper could be soooooo Fun!! I am doing a research paper on wicca and Christianity. The comparisons, contrasts...and some of the rituals and stuff associated with each. It's interesting to note a lot of the similarities between them. I had sort of started doing research earlier on some of the deities, Arienrhod, Danu, Dagda, stuff like that. I'll probably end up doing more as some of my works need that research to move forward. It would not do to disrespect, however unintentionally, these sacred beings.

Anyway, it seems that I could get caught up in all this research and lose track of time. If anyone has any websites, books or anything to help, I would grately appreciate it...and let me guess, Calya, you would mention the wise child and Drawing down the moon? LOL Someone beat you to the latter.

Oh yeah and one more thing. I just found a new..long time friend on here. YLea NightDrake! It's about time we found each other somewhere else than MSN. I'm just glad we knew each other personally before we sat down and did these little journals. Could you imagin all the crazy shit we would have said if we'd have had these in high school? Especially during our track years?

OK I guess that's it for now...guess I'll try and get to sleep. Maybe I'll sleep to Lady of the Lake tonight.

The Phoenix
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