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Thank the gods for hot bbaths....thank all the gods for hot baths.
I woke up in excruciating pain this morning...and found out why about a half an hour's raining. I decided it was time for a bath and...oh divinity. I feltso much better for it. Too bad my tub at school isn't as long as the tub here. I still cann't lay completely flat in it, but at least it doesn't hurt when I lean back. I'm here to tell you that the divine intellegence knew exactly what it was doing when it gave someone the idea to creat bathing...not only does it keep one clean, it also removes all the aches...or most of them anyway.

Oh and also, welcome crisondra It's OK ...I've taken longer to write or call...ask loveable_leo lol. I hope you find my life as interesting as I find yours...

I called Day tona, everybody, and left a message for the director. Now the waiting begins. I will be securing my room for next fall in the next few days. I still think, looking back on it, I am making the right decision, especially since I've been talking to a few on here about the problems with rooming with the younger crowd. Not that I mind them...hel, half the people on the f-list are in that bracket, it's just that sometimes I feel like the fifth wheel around there because they seem to have more of a life than I do. Anyway, I've started laundry, so I'll have to keep an eye on that as well. Untill later all.

The Phoenix
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