The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Not going.

I will post the pros and cons of this here, even though I have decided I am not going. Ever since Cindy proposed it to me to cut the semester, I was I am going to follow the when in doubt, don't principle and not go.
Pros of going to Daytona
* refresh my mind on some much needed cooking skills
* get completely away from the parents
* make new friends
* build my confidence
* I would have to reassign my contract for spring
*I would be in school longer
* I wouldn't be home nearly as much
* the year gap between me and fellow roomers would be increased
* I would come extremely close to breaking promise with Colin not to be away for so long

Besides they are right when they say that the training will always be available. I just don't know if I want to wait another two years for that sort of thing. Ah well...I'd rather finish school, maybe if I take summer classes and build up credits again, I can get out sooner. But...I am not going. I am going to call tomorrow and tell him that I would like to go, but not right now. I want to finish school first. That was my *main* goal after all.

The Phoenix
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