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second week...

It's the second Sunday, all.

I have finally found a spiritually uplifting place where I feel comfortable, and mom is taking me. I'll probably end up going there ghis summer...if I don't go to Daytona first. I have this gut feeling that Daytona is going to be a lot more rigorous than Bosma Rehab ever was, which will suit me just fine.
Anyway, Religious Science Church is the closest I'm coming to fitting mye eclecticism at the moment...or at lest the closest in my area. There are others, but due to distance and transport, well...ath the moment they're not viable options. But since Mom is taking me or the time being, I am extremely pleased. I will probably end up finding someone ther to take me come summer, but for these two Sundays, we should be covered.
However, something angered me...
Dad, "You're taking her to the 'fee good ' church, right?"
Mom, "what?"
Dad, "The 'feel good' church. If it feels good, do it."
I just wish he wouldn't assume stuff like that. It peeves me when he does that...seriously peeves me
Now however, she id off taking her mom to her church, she will be so completely tired out after two church trips, and it'll just be starting the day. I just hope I can continue there without her criticisms.
I have been in some bain off and on again, and Mom has provided me with relief. Yea for the stuff I've mentioned in earlier entries....happy place. I haven't taken any yet because I haven't needed any and I want to be clear minded when I go to the RSC, however, if it continues to worsen over the next few days you had better believe i will be ingesting the stuff. So now it's off to finish getting ready. Write more later, I'm sure.

The Phoenix
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