The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

School stuff acquired

Hey all you Phoenix fans,

I've got good news for all those wondering how my college stuff's been coming along. Housing's paid for, so are meals and classes. A service known as the Division of Blind Services here in Florida is paying for all of it. Mom nearly broke down in tears because of the stuff they're paying for. I also gave in and went for a laptop. It's actually a pretty nice piece of equipment. It's a dell with XP home addition, JAWS and all that good stuff. I already have a desk top system, so for me a whole other system seems superfluous. But some of my friends have said that the PAC Mate's not been out long enough to really know it's reliability and like all FS stuff built these days it's rather fragile and could break easy, so we'll just have to see.
They also gave me a bag on wheels to put it in so I don't have to worry about back issues and stuff. Which is nice. I'll also be experimenting with the Braille display I have in classes to see if it'll work under the laptop which I can't see why it shouldn't with the size of the laptop and all.
Probably won't get it before classes actually start, but that won't matter since I have the Braille lite to use in the interim. The main thing here for me is to finish school with the equipment I need. A week and a half will be going by like the wind I think...after new years will be the counting down days. LOL I guess this is a long enough colum...probably one of the longest I'll be posting in a while since I may be having my phone on vacation status for a bit so I may not be posting after Friday. Just hope there's no text limit here. LOL Sorry for the long read for those who prefer shorter entries...but there we are.
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