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Back again

OK all you readers,

The Phoenix has again returned to her nest with a few new acquisitions. A pocket totem of the Green man, a new refrigerator...a small one of course and I actually brought one of the in some folks' minds...more questionable CD's it's Elaine silver. I think my favorite track on that particular one is Arienrhod, Arienhod. I sort of picked up an identifiance with of the many that I sort of began to...hold in reverence. Only thing is...that sort of goes against the Bible in some ways. I do want to thank a friend who said she sees no problems with me believing in these as long as they don't replace God.

Anyway nothing has changed in the house. Dad's still looking for jobs, Colin, the cat, still sort of avoids dad, Mom used me as sort of a let off when I was on the way home at the beginning of the week. As you know we went to the Calusa nature center at the beginning of the week and that was fun...what you all didn't know is that I had an absolutely top hole birthday...thanks Jack for the well wishes. Birthday was yesterday, by the way.

OK I got a tank top, a pair of socks, some perfume, a body scrub and a lap desk. I'm not done yet, though. I want to pick up some Sally O'fields and maybe some...Patrick ball? LOL Then since my aunts were in town they baked me a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I also had rocky road ice cream. Sloppy Jo's and fries for dinner and some pepsi.
I spent most of the time there reading...but before I left I had the great privilege of watching the movie Seabiscuit.

Awesome movie! One I would see again, a must see in my book...especially for those of you who have an affinity with/for horses. In some parts of the movie I felt as if I were there with the horses...Seabiscuit in particular. I sort of had this feeling that he was going to win...or not. Of course I didn't mention this to my mother, she wouldn't understand it and would probably use it as an excuse not to have to talk during the rest of the movies she and I would watch...maybe I'm being to hard on her, but there we are.

I got back this morning and went to class and came home and was online for a bit. Then a nap and all of us went out for dinner to a cafeteria on campus. I sort of actually felt a part of/and apart from the group. Part of it was because I was following them for the first part of the trip which was fine because it sort of showed that I wanted to be independent, though i think it did slow us down a bit. Part of it was because this was the first time I had ever gon out with that particular group. Then we went to the library to see an art exhibit and they sort of walked around while I sat. It was a nine eleven exhibit and all of them said it wasn't very good, so I must not have missed much. That probably sounds harsh....but oh well.

Anyway I'm back here and gunna make a phone call real quick because I have no class tomorrow extra half an hour of sleep, yea!! That'll do me some good, I think since I spent most of my Spring break visiting different worlds by way of books. LOL I went from Valdemar to Narhi-velinyar to....hmmm...I think that was it. Just those two. Anyway I think I'd better end this before I make it any longer. Later all.

The phoenix
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