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I am home now readers and without the laptop at m7y own choosing. I probably should have brought it home, but since itwas a week and I havea desktop here I felt no need...however I am not able to comment from here so hears what will happen. I will either
A. e-mail comments directly to the person if I have the person in question's e-mail address
B. speak on the phone of journal entries for those whose numbers I have
C. reply with said comment in a protected entry
or D. message said comment to person if we AIM each other.
For those with MSN instent messenger and skype I will not be onn all this week due to the fact thatI am still running ninety eight and MSN will not work with JAWS and skype does not run on ninetyeight. Also I do not have active sync installed here and I do not have a dialup card for PAC Mate, so that option is out as well.
However just because I cannot comment in the traditional way for you peeps doesn't mean you can't still comment here. I enjoy reading comments very much. So now that that small issue has been cleared up I suppose I will go somewhere else for a bit.

The Phoenix
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