The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


OK readers, I'm still at school, but I wanted to tell you about my day.
I ran the boards, of course and had a few little quirks but nothing to major. I counted early once, and sort of made the music inbetween readers come out of no where during one of the earlier breaks, but other than that it went smoothly. Also I spent most of the day stuffing envelopes. I got a paper cut from that, but it doesn't hurt all that badly, so it's all good. It's just that after a while that got boring, and since I was sitting a chair for most of the day my back started giving me little warning signs that major things will happen if I am not careful.
I also did the usually making of coffee and washing up that Glenn expects of me. He wasn't there today because he had an appointment, however, someone else was, so that was cool. I still don't import or export, but at the moment that really doesn't matter. Hopefully I'll e able to do that soon, though. I'd love to learn how to do that efficiently, but I'm sort of slow at washing, so by the time I'm done he has already started. I may do the import and export stuff first and then the wash before I go after the hour's up. It wouldn't hurt to leave at ten thirty instead of ten since my class isn't until eleven anyway. Well I need to pack, so I'll go. See you all when I get home.
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