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I, am, going, home!!!!! Readers, I am going home!!

Only for a week, though, which is probably all I'll be able to stand it for...or maybe not. That room is my refuge. The cats are my companions, and my parents are the loves...loves that are there. It's hard to see that sometimes, but it's true. I know Mom tries to keep me out of a lot of the stuff that her and Dad are going through, but it's still hard to go into that house as an atmosphere sensitive and just know something went down, but you are afraid to ask what it was.
I am running the boards again all day, so that should be some fun. I love the them. Now if only I could raise myself from RRS to music, I would be a very happy person. It'll be nice to be able to put on the resume that I've had experience with control boards outside the mock show I did with my friend in Huntington Indiana two years back. That was fun, as hell. I just hope I can get out of here with a decent GPA. This math class is going to seriously screw with it...seriously. I just hope I passed this exam....keep praying and sending energies peeps. If nothing else, I'll e-mail him to see whether I passed or not. Just as long as it's a C...I'll be happy. Anyway I guess I'll end this here since I need to finish getting ready to go. I will most likely be writing from home the next time you see a post from me. Have a good day all.

The Phoenix
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