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I'm done!!

Bledsoe and math exam in one sweet!!

Bledsoe's was done in one hour and it took me three to do the math because again I was overcomplicating matters...I hate when I do that. Anyway Cudos to Courtney who had to put up with my whining and yea for cori. She said that she was impressed with me this morning because I knew my stuff...knew my stuff...damn! That "You knew your stuff" referred to the chemistry exam I took this morning where I sat down and rattled stuff off. I think, like I said I did fairly well on that one. I think I did really well on Bledsoe's exam and fairly well on the math one. THe proportions and setting stuff up was the best part for me where the beginning and the end where the factoring and solving stuff came into play were my worst points. and I wasn't online before the exams unfortunately, so I couldn't get cramming in. I am so glad that I am done!!!! DOne, done done!!!! Spring break is here....woooooot!!! Now I get to go home and do whatever the hell I want. Which means serious reading and writing and all that good stuff. I won't be going home tomorrow because I will be running the boards again all day long. I love the boards...I could run them all the damn time.
I saw a friend of mine again today which was nice. I sort of felt like he was avoiding me which was beginning to worry me because he is one of the few outside of classes who makes an effort to hang out with me outside of classes. He's the one and only male who does so on a regular basis...some of them will say hi to me in passing, but that's about it. I mean Andy does sometimes, but hee's in a different categorie since we were never in classes together. So when I didn't see him for a week, I kind of got worried, but I saw him today, so it's all good. He took me back to the Adaptive Services where I spent the next three hours. I hope I get to see him again soon. I really enjoy his company. All right well I'm on the phone so I guess I'll go for now.

The Phoenix
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