The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

luck is needed...

I feel stupid again...I never did e-mail practice stuff tohalimede like I said I would do...gods! I always try to do what I say, and now I didn' now it's kind of too late because the test is here.
Wish me luck, all not only is the math test upon me, so is the American Lit exam and the Environmental Chemestry exam...I would like to see how many exams I can do in one trip. Hopefully all three of them so that I don't have to be out to 6:30 this evening, that would seriously be nice. Because then I could say that my spring break will have started, and I'll be able to enjoy it. Again...wish me luck. and...forgive me for completely like sitting on my didn't help me any to do this...and I do feel like so a duh...duh sort of person. Anyway...I guess I'd better go so I can finish getting ready to get this stuff done.

The Phoenix
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