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Hello all,

It's taken me forever to write about this...but Mya Angelou was absolutely awesome.

Mya Angelou 2/28/05
Mya Angelou sings! OMG...she sings!! She is reading one of her poems, and she's singing. She has a damn good voice!
She sang an 18th century folk song, "When it looks like the sun will not shine
anymore, a rainbow will appear in the clouds. ...In Genesis, rain persisted
for many days. God put a rainbow in the sky."
Mya Angelou middle school in Miami. First time we've invited her. 19 centknew clouds and God were always in firmamet, God put the raimbow on the clouds themselves. When she sees an institution with diverse peoples, like FGCU, she sees a rainbow in the clouds. We have a possibility of being a rainbow in the clouds to someone else. African American history will become part of American history when it is truly taught and not glossed over.

Someone was here before, views before us, mayflower came in 1620,, first African came in 1619. Ddumbard wrote in Standard English and and English of the plantation. Negro Love Song wrote in 1892. Read poem. James Jiles, The Glory of the day.
Keep romance, hope, joy alive, keep the kind word alive, keep love alive. Keep the kind spirit alive. Letter To My Sister, Anne Spencer lived and died in Virginia. We have all been paid for, since we're here, it is imparitive that we know this. They paid for us...those who have come before us have paid for us with their sacrifice. This is our life, study for all its Mya was 3 and brother was 5 when parents separated. Put her and her brother on train in San Francisco. Stamps Arkansas. Stayed until 7. 7 father took to Saint Louis. Baily, and mya fascinated. Mother's brother raped Mya. Jailed for 1 day and 1 night and released. She thought voice killed him, so she shut it down. Didn't speak for 6 years Girl sits on floor, braider behind the girl with dress between nees and girl in between knees. Braid hair like that. Teach French, Spanish and English. Grandma became rainbow in clouds. Grandma encouraged her to read and memmorize poetry. Another black woman told her she wouldn't love poetry until she spoke it. Woman was Mrs Flowers. Familiarize self with entire body of poetry. Plant poetry in the brain. Emma Saint Vincint Millet. Look for poetry that will make you laugh, you need to laugh. You have to be balanced. A sweet spirit is good medicine. We are finding this to be true, this statement is in the Bible. The Health Food Diner: read. Stopped smoking 15 years ago. Know that you have already been paid for. Somewhere there are people who loved you and paid for you already and who are your rainbows in the clouds. Responsible for being rainbow in the cloud for someone else. Being Rainbow In The Clouds makes you feel young forever. People look up to heroes and sheroes that are made every day. When UN was being formed translators one hundred fifty dollars aweek. She thought of all the limitations at the time and how if they weren't there she would have gone. We are the true wonders of this world.
I want to give credit to a friend of mine for providing clarification on some things here...I seriously hope they don't mind me posting little things here. I especially want to give them credit for the quote in the notes...he wrote it down not me.

There are a lot more where that came from, but I would have to make sure he doesn't mind the rest of it going public. I used the quote because I felt it needed using, and some little clarifiers. Ninty-eight percent of that is mine, though...Gods it was wonderful. I especially loved the description of the way the hair is braided. It gives a whole new meaning to all of! And the whole rainbow in the clouds=people who inspire you, is great, too...just to be in the same room with her....wooooot!! And for going on 77 her voice as absolutely wonderful, it wasn't shaky and it was still powerful and she was very engaging and so humorous...oh to see her again....Gods!!!
OK now that I'm don with a post two days in coming and now that I'm done with most of my studying, I may as well do some posting elsewhere.

The Phoenix
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