The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

project stuff

For all the worrying, the project actually went off pretty good...except for my memmory. I couldn't remember half the stuff I was talking about, so someone had to read it for me. I at least gave an attempt at gtalking about it, which I think redeemed me somewhat to the professor, if he even knew what was going on behind the group. It's so scary sometimes how much people can hide things when they choose to, and it's also quite scary what kind of power that gives a person...good thing, but still scary.
I managed to get the information to the girl on a floppy and i think she put it in with the rest, but I can't be sure.
Now it's off to tutoring after I print stuff out...and after I talk to Doreen tonight I'll be doing some serious cramming. Three tests on Thursday...and then I'm done, oh yes and one class tomorrow. I just hope I can do all three tests in one big block with a few breaks. Some people may not think it's wise, but the earlier I get the math test over, the better I'll feel and the more I'll be able to enjoy my spring break. The only real studying I'll have to do will be for anthropology class, the rest of my classes are in the clear over break...and I'll be able to concentrate on Forestchild and the others this particular muse wants me to write. As of right now, forestchild is the most substantial with Prisonchild and the most recent one, which has yet to be titled, running very far behind. I can't wait until I resolve these hanging issues...
* find out who really killed parents
* bring together a family member and the rest. The family member was forced out of the primary setting
And some other smaller issues. I just hope the this can be done and still make it an interesting read.
I hope everyone has a good day.

The Phoenix.
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