The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


I have my stuff for the project done...just now. I am going to print the word stuff, but I also have it on a floppy because little miss me doesn't know how to use roxio to burn any sort of Cd and I have this funny feeling that windows media only does music. So...I seriously hope the girl has a floppy drive. I don't care about the disk because I've moved the pics to my comp, it's just that I have this information that won't be conformant. Ah well at least it's thaere and I'll know for next time not to be so...out of it on the weekends....maybe. We have another presentation, so maybe I'll do better on that one. Anyway...I haven't ortotten my job, but it's become such a regular, that I guess I've just stopped posting, but I am stil there and I still run the boards...yesterday I went a little slow and messed up on the counting and stuff, but other than that it was perfectly done.
now...of to find some breakfast.

The Phoenix
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