The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


I am seriously going to scream at myself, readers. I am supposed to do a project for chemestry class and I was supposed to have the information into her by Friday...or Saturday at the latest...and I didn't.
So...I thought I would do it down such luck. I got the e-mail for the girl I was supposed to send it to...on my desktop which is where it still is because I forgot to forward it to myself here...and now, I can't find the tape that one of my group members taped for me because I don't have the chapter yet....I thought it was down here and I can't find it anywhere, so I either took it home and it fell out somewhere, or it's here and I just haven't found it yet, which is highly unlikely....very highly unlikely. Oh yeah, and did I mention this project is due by Tuesday and the reason I have to e-mail it to the girl is so she can make powerpoint slides? I feel like I'm letting everyone down here with my stupidity...I feel so so dumb right now! So's off to see whether or not I can salvage something out of nothing...grhrhrhrhrhrarhrhrhrhrhrlies!!!

The Phoenix
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