The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


Another welcome
Hello to aureolesia I hope you find my musings interesting. I'm weird...rather interestingly so and some of my entries tend to run to the...colorful at times. However, between you and awallens my interested reading list has grown exponentially. Especially since Dianne Duane is...well right up my alley. And I mean...straight up and center. Only problem is school...I don't know how any of you find time for pleasurable readings during school...I'm not nearly as disciplined as aI should be, but oh well.
And as for the answer, since I can't reply in comments from home...I would like to put the interest sites in my user profile...thanks for the info, though, that does help a mor having to type out HTML...yea!!!
one of my favorite author's sites I hope you enjoy it. Well it's back to school I go, so I'm off for now.

The Phoenix
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