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I have a question for all...


There are some sites of interest on other's LJ's...I have been wanting to add my own for do you do this?
Also for those of you who don't know...fantasy is as real to me as the world around me....I believe in nearly everything others don't. Sci-fi and fantasy are my two all time favorite book genres, mystery is my third. During the summer you will find me writing reviews on the books I read, and don't be surprised if I am not on line for days or weeks at a time. Books are my escape, as is this. I will have to find the post in which everything I believe in is listed and post it's a rather long list so I will not redupe it here. Let's just say I'm a weirdo, in a good way. I have a list of favorite authors right on this computer which I will post later, and the list will probably grow. I am a reader...a very big reader and I am happiest right here, behind the keyboard. I love school...but I find it hard to stay focused on it when books call to me like sirens, and music haunts my every waking moment and when the computer and phone wait like old and dear friends for my approach.
Why I'm writing this? I have yet to know. I will make this protected later, and may add more.

The Phoenix
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