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Chemestry class...

Wooot for Thursdays!!

i hope this chemestry class is better than the last one. I tried my best to take notes in the last chemestry class on the chapter presentations, and it didn't work, the people spoke to fast, and I was mainly trying to focus on the highlights to write down and losing track of the presentation itself. It was to the point where I had to stop because I was paying too much attention to what I was writing, than what they were saying and I was missing other important!!! And next week I have a presentation along with like three other people, wish me luck, what with the event, the presentation and three exams, next week is going to be madness.
candypumpkins do me a favor and call me next Wednesday at least I can catch up with you?
rnb_capricorn good luck with the job front...and call me anytime you want to spred excitement. LOL
and...anyone else who has either of my messengers should have my cell, it's there. I need other voices...Doreen's awesome, and all, but I also need to here different peoples as well...smiles.
Oh yes and one lastthing. I am finally starting to make one friend down actually two or three...poetprodigy7 and have called each other a couple of times, and there are two other girls one of which called me last night to talk. Both are visually impaired, but at the moment I am not complaining. Friends are friends...and that's all that matters. Anyway it's off to go to this chemestry class and see whether I can't take notes this time.
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