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spring break

OK yalls,

Time for a bit of Spring break action.

Yesterday I got home! Yea!! But before going home, mom and I stopped at the Lee County fair and walked around a bit. I got to pet a few horses and we listened to an awesome piano player. We stayed there till about two then we drove home. I came in with a hello baby for colin, who, according to mom was on the chair. I go back to my room and sat on the floor and he, Colin, came to find me and flopped down in fronmt of me so I could scratch his belly. I was soooo happy when he did that. I had missed him sooo much as many of you readers know.
So then it was to call Veronica to let her know I was home. Knocked her offline, sorry. LOL Then it was to Mendi...first mistake...I was on the phone and i had gotten the milk out. I wasn't talking to Mendi while pouring, but I was holding the phone with my shoulder. So I spilled some and dad got mad A because I was trying to do two things at once "Next time you pour something get off the phone," and B because I was trying to clean it up and he had a book on the counter which I, unknowingly was wiping the milk toward, so he takes the towel from me and cleans it up instead of letting me correct myself. Other than that and Mendi's smart comments on points that were valid not much else went on. Oh yeah there was, My grandparents and heir friend Anne Lubkin came over for dinner. We had pork roast, green beans, sweet potatoes, rolls, and for dessert I had cake with mango frosting and the rest had cherry nut ice cream. I had whine with all that, and oh yeah, apple sauce.

Today We went to the Calusa nature center where I got to feel some different animals, a crocadile, baby of course, an aligator again, A corn snake and indigo snake, a tortis, a turtle that was in a tank. I also watched a show in the planetarium they had there which was pretty cool. It was all on medior showers and medeorites and how they impact earth. We also walked some trails and tried to get to see some animals being fed, but that didn't work. We also got to learn about butterflies in the butterfly garden they had there.
Dad had said that he was ready to go home, but mom wanted to stay for the three o'clock planetarium show. We got interested in a birird identifier and lost track of time. Dad said that he was going home and mom ran after him appologizing for losingn track of time. We ended up going home, but I was near tears. It just seems like it put a damper on the day. Mom was in the car when dad went in to get gas and she told me not to let him ruin it for me, to just learn to blow it off and let it roll off your sholders. I ended up doing that, but it was stil upsetting. I was so mad at first that I slammed my door when I got in the car. Dad told me if I did that again that he was going to reach back and slap me. I didn't, but I had thes fierce urge to test him on it and give him this evil smile while doing it.
Anyway now I'm home and I'msitting here alone in the house because Mom and Dad took a ride on their Bikes and I'm just kinda like...bye see ya later. I guess that's it for now and I'll see yalls later on today, probably.

The Phoenix
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