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still here...

Yes, all the pain is still and on.
It comes and goes, and I dearly wish I had midol!! LOL I mean excedrin does a little for me but it would be nice to take care of two issues with one med, ya know?
I'm seriously thinking about visiting the helth center here, I know what I think it is, but there's no harm in being absolutely positive.
I am also getting pissy because I can't find Drieser, "Typhoon" anywhere on the net and I have to have discussion questions done by two o'clock tomorrow for it. halimede I haven't forgotten you, seriously, I haven't, I've just haven't been able to think straight the past two days due to circumstances posted here. In fact, if this class weren't math, I wouldn't be going tonight, but I think I may have to tough it out since test is a week from Thursday. Speaking of tests, I'm praying extremely hard to divine type being to stay sain come March third because I have in the following order
* Chemestry exam
* American lit exam
* math exam
I will seriously be screaming if I have to take all of these tests in one day! I seriously hope the pain is well and truly gone by then or I will seriously be the bitchiest little phoenix who ever flew! I didn't even have a good mobility lesson due to the fact that I was half out of it. I think it is safe to say that I will be on a rather interesting buzz due to the combining of Excedrin and moutain dew. I also have tutoring right before the math class, so I will be seriously done in by the time I get home as I usually am on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Home=the dorm for those of you who don't's sad when I think of a dorm as my home, even with the situation here. I won't get into it here, it's mothing real serious, just that I sort of feel out of place and sometimes I feel like I seem anti-social because I sit back here on the computer or I'm on the phone hours at a time.Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find one room mate that I will get close to...just one?

The Phoenix
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