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Pain sucks!

Hello all,

I haven't wanted to do this, because I thought it would go away aftersome few days...but it hasn't so

I am in pain...majorly in pain. OK maybe not majorly, bud damn well enough! It's been a damn long time since I've been so so in pain, too...and it sucks major ass! You know it's bad when I took tylanal read right...twice. Once last night so I could sleep and once this morning. It's all in my lower back, it hurts like hell. I do believe my rods are acting up something fierce because it mainly starts when I am laying down. I lay down on my back, and don't want to move...I seriously don't want to move. I hate being in this much pain, and what's interestingly enough is this doesn't happen all that often, and it hasn't been the longest pain bout. It's just that when I bend over several times even a littlebit from above the waist it flares up. I seriously hope there aren't any cups in the sink at Radio reading service today, otherwise I'll be taking more tylanal...extra strength. He is the type that more than likely won't let me off due to pain, that's just the way he is...liking or not liking something has nothing to do with being an just have to do it, that's what being an adult is. He is of the opinion that people don't care if you do or don't like something...tell that to my algebra teachers, LOL...they're trying the get me to like something...if they didn't care, they wouldn't be doing this...and, well...frankly,
science_vixen and halimede you're doing a fine job...smiles.
Anyway...I'm in pain at the moment to the point where I'm about to take some more tylanal with some more watter...or better yet a mountain Dew...regular, unfortunately. When I picked up the cans, they didn't have Live Wire. I nearly picked up Code Red...but decided against it for the time being. Seriously all...being in pain sucks major ass!!!

Now to see whether I can't try to enjoy this day. It doesn't help thatI'm near that time as well as the!

The Phoenix
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