The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

I am officially going!!!

This was supposed to have been done last night, but I didn't get around to it, what with speaking to several people before going to bed and not hitting the sheets until about 2:00 AM, but I am officially going!!!
! I am going to see Mya Angelou I am sooooo going...OMFG...I'm again like completely off the walls!!! I seriously can't wait to go, this is going to be so interestingly fun. I, like poetprodigy7 have midterms, but they're not the day directly after the event. They are on the third of March and one of them is a math test. I'm not sure he's actually calling it a midterm since it's only over chapter 6, but it's still a test none the less. I also have a midterm in Bledsoe's class on the same day, but I doubt that will cause me much trouble. I'm just like....woe!! Like someone else said, how many times will she come down here, this is one awesome oppertunity and I would have been seriously pissed if I would have missed it! So now that I'm done here, I will probably see if I can't head off to the expo and do some looking around there. First officially Creative writing society meeting, Monday at 7 PM...for those who wish to know.

The Phoenix
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