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Hello all,

I'm not ready to head out for the boards yet, and no one is online we are again.
I did forget to tell you guys about something on valentines day. The new creative wriging society was out selling roses, and the guy who was running it gave me one and said that it was from him to me. He also wished me happy Valentine's day. This was before I cut my hair ^_^ I also met a new friend who was nice enough to drive me to the store to pick up some Mountain Dew and has offered to drive me anywhere I need to nice it is to have a set of wheels!! Not that I will use them all that much, but just knowing they are there makes it nice. There are some other niceties about this one that I like, one of which is that they are on a similar path as me...Native ways are my base, wicca is there we go. I'm still going....yea!! More friends means more people I could possibl hang out with come summer, and more time outside the sphere of influence of parents. I love them, don't get me wrong, but it's nice to know I have getaway contingencies. It wouldn't be so bad if I had chosen to go back to my growing up base...they don't even know that I am following a different path yet. They probably won't know until I am so far down it that it won't even matter anymore. Anyway I suppose I had better go so I can eat breakfast and get my stuff together. Boards, one class, and tutoring...ah wat a day, lol

The Phoenix
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