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I'm like extremely hyper for some reason. This stuff is rather interesting, but at the moment I can't stay focused on just one thing at a time. We are talking about pollutants that are accumulating in whale blubber and stuff, which is rather interesting like I said. The researchers are burning the blubber to find out what's in it. I'm so glad this class is so much easer that the math one. He talks a lot about the articles that we bring in and tries to relate some of the text to it, he doesn't do too bad of a job, but you do have to pay attention in order to find the parts of the text, though which is something that nearly the entire class has trouble doing, so I guess he's not doing such a great job, but there we are. He does give us quizzes on simple math, but it's simple math like simple word problems that deal with calculations in parts per million and parts per billion. What's interesting is that parts per thousand is larger than parts per million which is larger than parts per billion. So if you know how to move decimals, you can do this sort of this is the math I like, it's simple short and sweet.
Speaking of math, I'm going to reiterate this. I bombed my last two exams, the last one I just took and the one before. My adaptive services person says that I don't pass this next exam, she is pulling me out of the class which means I will have to sign up for another math class in the fall. I am beginning to thing I am going to have to fight of a math deficit. She says I'm not because I can formulate it in my head, but I can only formulate it with help, OK Sarah, what comes next, they write it down, OK now what. I can tell you some of the processes, such as parentheses, exponents, multiplication/division, addition/subtraction, but when you get into the algebra, that's when we have the difficulties. I'm going...hello people, I've never had this stuff in high school...I'm not going to be able to get this. I may have to be going to the point where I go math deficit or...*tears up*or...or I have to leave the university and go somewhere else because this is not working, this is not working at all. Gods readers, I do not want to go through this shit again...I seriously don't, I would rather do nearly anything else to not have to be in another math class...nearly anything else. I'm glad I'm sitting in the back of the room right now. I'm not exactly outwardly crying...but I'm somewhere close.

Anyway I suppose I'd better pay attention here, he probably won't know what I'm doing, however I don't want to give him any suspicions. Until next time all.

The Phoenix
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